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'''Charles Booth''' may refer to: *Charles Booth (bishop) (died 1535), Tudor bishop of Hereford *Charles Booth (footballer) (1869–1898), English footballer *Charles Booth (social reformer) (1840–1916), British philanthropist best known for his surveys of poverty in London *Charles Booth (rugby league) (fl. 1930s), English rugby league footballer *Charles Erwin Booth, Republican member of the Wisconsin State Assembly *Charles G. Booth (1896–1949), American writer of detective fiction *Charles Stephen Booth (born 1897), Canadian member of parliament, 1940–1945 *Charles Steven Booth, Canadian diplomat *Charlie Booth (1903–2008), Australian athlete *Frederick Charles Booth (1890–1960), Victoria Cross winner *Charles Booth (diplomat) (1925–1997), British ambassador to Burma, 1978–1982 *Charles O'Hara Booth (1800–1851), commandant in chief of Port Arthur penal colony
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